Excellent Tour Operator in All Respects

Ha Do and his Vietasia Travel is an excellent tour operator in every respect.

In November 2017, I made arrangements with Mr. Do for a tour guide and driver to take us on a city tour of Hanoi and then drive us to Sa Pa (aka, Sapa) for a two-night tour of that area. After a wonderful city tour of Hanoi with our guide Thinh, I fell in our hotel room and broke my arm and had to cancel the rest of the trip and fly home. Mr. Do refunded the Sa Pa portion of our package in full without me asking, even though he did not have to.

Finally in April 2019, I was able to return to Vietnam to finish the trip. I re-booked the Sa Pa portion of the trip through Vietasia Travel and Mr. Ha Do. This time our tour guide was Tiep and our driver was Ha. (A different Ha, not the owner of Vietasia Travel.)

I have Multiple Sclerosis, which is why I fell in my hotel room in Hanoi and broke my arm in November 2017. I use a walker in my hotel room, but need a wheelchair when I'm out and about. For both November 2017 & April 2019, Mr. Do supported me in planning my trip through extensive email communications. Both times, we planned the best trip that I could possibly do in a wheelchair. Both times, we had great guides and great drivers.

Our guide Tiep in Sa Pa went the extra miles/kilometers for me, literally. For the tour of Ta Van and Lao Chai villages in Muong Hoa Valley, I was not supposed to be able to do it due to my mobility limitations. I was supposed to wait in the car with the driver for 2 - 3 hours. However, Tiep said he could push me in my wheelchair up and down the hilly road through the villages ... and he did!! 

This was by far the highlight of my whole trip (which included Hong Kong, Halong Bay and Macau). I would have missed the core experience of Sa Pa if I had not seen these villages.

I am so indebted to Tiep for muscling me and my wheelchair through the villages. In addition, I wanted to visit the local Buddhist temple and Tiep & Ha took me to that which was not on the itinerary. I am so grateful to Ha Do of Vietasia Travel and Tiep & Ha (the driver) for helping me fully complete my trip to Sa Pa despite my mobility challenges. It is an experience I will carry in my heart for the rest of my life.

Kellie M, Excellent Tour Operator in All Respects